Other Thurber-Related Sites

Museums and other Thurber Institutions:
Thurber's HouseThe Web site for the restored nineteenth-century house where Thurber lived during his college days with his parents, two brothers, numerous pet dogs, and an occasional relative.  There's a museum room, tours, visiting authors, and contact information for their gift shop.
Thurber House in Columbus, OHContact information and an article on Thurber's childhood home in Columbus, Ohio.
Thurber Family Genealogy ForumFor those of you interested in tracing the Thurber family line, here's a virtual meeting place for those with similar interests to exchange information.

Web Sites by other Thurber fans:
Thurber discussion boardA virtual meeting place for folks to discuss the American wit, writer and illustrator, and one of the founding fathers of the New Yorker magazine. It's very interesting to browse around this site.
Ritter's Thurber PageA useful collection of Thurber-related resources, including lists of films, TV productions, etc. based on his works, a small collection of Thurber aphorisms, and several links to other sites containing Thurber bits and pieces.
The Night the Bed Fell

The Bear Who Let It Alone

The Little Girl and the Wolf

The Rabbits That Caused All the Trouble

The Unicorn in the Garden

Thurber's ArtworkA nice collection of scanned-in Thurber cartoons, plus a few links to some short Thurber works.
Joplin R-VIII School District's Page on ThurberDespite the rather distracting choice of background, this is a very nice collection of Thurber-related information, including a cartoon gallery, a list of major literary awards, a short biography, and various other lists and quotes.
ThurbereliaA short list of links to yet more Thurber works available online, as well as entries in various online reference resources, plus the bonus of the site author's own research paper on Thurber.

Thurber Bios, Entries and Mentions:
New Sun Thurber PageNew Sun's short bio on Thurber.
Encarta Encyclopedia on ThurberA Free Concise Encyclopedia Article on Thurber, with small photograph.
Ohio Biography Thurber PageContains a few facts and a nice photograph of Thurber with one of his dogs.
Pegasus on ThurberA "Literature related resource site" provides a short write-up on Thurber, crediting him with influencing the likes of Vonnegut and Heller.
Infoplease.com's entry on ThurberAn entry with the bare minimum of information: Birthplace, birthdate and death.  Hardly worth a click.
Reference to Thurber in a Scholarly PresentationA presentation on Archiving Digital Information to the OCLC Research Library Directors' Conference, in which the speakers comments on Thurber's Many Moons as a vehicle for his main point.
Merriam-Webster on ThurberMerriam-Webster's "Word for the Wise" entry on Thurber.
Thematical analysis of three short storiesAnother individual's short research paper on the Author, complete with a works cited list.
Fable ForumA source of the full-text for Thurber's Interview with a Lemming, The Shore and the Sea, Many Moons, and a few others.
AnecdotesThis site use two of Thurber's dog sketches to illustrate entries on dog expressions and quotes, and provides a nice biographical entry on Thurber himself.
James Thurber:  The Life and Hard Times and the 
PBS press release announcing the documentary and
Information on Images, Captions and Rights.
JAMES THURBER: THE LIFE AND HARD TIMES, the first major documentary about James Thurber (1894-1961), chronicles his varied accomplishments as writer, journalist, playwright, cartoonist and social critic - all despite the blindness that handicapped him for the last 20 years of his life.
Entries in Quote GeekThere are several Thurber quotes available in Quote Geek, an online resource for quotes.
A Good Thurber Dog QuoteThis is just a link to a single quote by Thurber from The Fireside Book Of Dog Stories, an anthology of dog stories with an introduction and illustrations by Thurber.
The Baseball Online Library's Thurber EntryThe entry is about Thurber's "You Could Look It Up," about a struggling baseball team that hires a midget to pinch hit.
The Royal Prune University Tribute to ThurberRoyal Prune University (RPU) is the only fully accredited, top-ranked, degree granting university dedicated entirely to wit, silliness, good humor, and, probably, a few other things.  There are a few links from this tribute page to minor sources of Thurber quotes.

Thurber-related Gifts 
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